Internet Tax Freedom Act Coalition Urges Congress to Pass ITFA Legislation


For Immediate Release 
January 28, 2014

Internet Tax Freedom Act Coalition Urges Congress to Pass ITFA Legislation

Calls on Congress to act swiftly to extend the Internet Tax Freedom Act permanently

(WASHINGTON) — Today, the Internet Tax Freedom Act (ITFA) Coalition, a group of communications and technology companies, business associations and consumer groups, urged policymakers to act now to permanently extend the Internet Tax Freedom Act. The ITFA Coalition maintains that only through the passage of the Internet Tax Freedom Act, which would permanently extend the moratorium on taxing Internet access and prevent multiple and discriminatory taxation of Internet sales, will consumers and small businesses alike be able to reap the benefits of the newest innovative technologies delivered over the Internet.

“Policy priorities highlighted in speeches today in Washington—President Obama in the State of the Union and Congressional leaders at the State of the Net Conference—underscore the central role of the Internet to growing jobs and expanding the American economy,” said Annabelle Canning, executive director of the ITFA Coalition. “The White House, Congressional leaders and technology companies share the same goal of using technology to expand economic opportunities for all Americans. This goal can be better achieved by ensuring all Americans have access to broadband Internet access, free from burdensome state and local taxation. Permanently extending ITFA would allow Americans to reap the benefits provided by broadband Internet access through increased access to job training, education, employment opportunities and government services without excess taxation.”

“Twenty-seven members in the House and five in the Senate recently joined their colleagues in ensuring that consumer Internet access will remain free of new regressive taxes: Representatives: Brady [PA-1], Braley [IA-1], Cole [OK-4], Conaway [TX-11], Fattah [PA-2], Fitzpatrick [PA-8], Foxx [NC-5], Harris [MD-1], Hastings [FL-20], Kinzinger [IL-16], McNerney [CA-9], Miller [FL-1], Moore [WI-4], Murphy [PA-18], Reichert [WA-8], Rigell [VA-2], Rohrabacher [CA-48], Rokita [IN-4], Ross [FL-15], Sensenbrenner [WI-5], Smith [TX-21], Swalwell [CA-15], Takano [CA-41], Tiberi [OH-12], Tipton [CO-3], Veasey [TX-33], Westmoreland [GA-3] as well as Senators Boozman [AR], Fischer [NE], Isakson [GA], Johanns [NE], and Tester [MT],” Ms. Canning noted. “We applaud their commitment to protecting all Americans from burdensome taxation of their Internet access.”

Originally passed in 1998 and extended three times since with broad bipartisan support, ITFA is set to expire in November 2014. Two bills have been introduced in this legislative session to make ITFA permanent – the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act (H.R.3086) in the House and the Internet Tax Freedom Forever Act (S. 1431) in the Senate.

The ITFA Coalition’s mission is to maintain and grow consumer access to the Internet and Internet commerce by ensuring that consumer purchases of Internet access remain free from taxation and goods and services sold over the Internet are not subject to multiple and discriminatory taxation. The Coalition anticipates growing support from a broad array of consumer groups, high-tech companies, digital start-ups and other organizations as it pushes for a permanent solution to preventing taxation of consumer access to the Internet.